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An AI-powered Growing Social Assistant

We use magic tech to improve your social efficiency and grow your social network 10x faster.

 Our philosophy: easy to use, efficient and safe, well made.


What do you get out of MagicBee?

Grow your social network without the effort.

Post Efficiently (developing...)

Generate post content with one click via AI to improve your creative efficiency.

Like Automatically

Automatically like other people's posts to get credit or spend credit to get likes.

Comment Automatically

Automatically comment on other people's posts to gain credit or spend credit to get comments.

Retweet Automatically

Automatically retweet on other people's posts to gain credit or spend credit to get retweets.

Follow Automatically

Automatically follow other people's accounts to gain credit or spend credit to get follows.

DM Automatically (developing...)

Find a potential user and send them a direct message automatically.

Pain Points

Who is MagicBee for?

If you would like to become an influencer on social media, but you have no experience in this area, you may face a lot of problems.

Low Impression

No one sees your carefully prepared postings, and social platforms use an undisclosed algorithm to evaluate your account until they confirm that you are a quality creator before recommending you to more users.


No Interaction

Due to the low impression volume, you can hardly get interactions, no likes, no retweets, no comments. It is not an open secret that the quality of the account is judged by the number of interactions, and in this way a dead cycle is formed.


No Followers

Newly registered social accounts with no followers. In order to increase your popularity, you buy fake followers and end up being shadowban by the platform, and none of the content you post will be seen by anyone.


Costly Ads

You may be trying to achieve a quick increase in fans through advertising, but the results are the opposite. Not to mention that advertising on social platforms is expensive and not cost-effective, so maybe this is not an ideal choice.


Technical Points

How does it work?

We use super cutting-edge technology to ensure your efficient, intelligent, stable and safe social interaction.

Help Each Other Grow Socially

Let's get together on MagicBee, like, comment, retweet, and follow each other to increase the activity of your social accounts.


AI-based Automated Social

You will get an AI bot on MagicBee, it is your social media manager and smart enough, it will automatically help you to socialize.


Real-time Social Network

We improve your social efficiency through real-time network, you will form a powerful social network with users from all over the world.


Safe Operation Mechanism

On MagicBee, every user and social action is real, there are no zombie users, and real social activities prevent your account from being banned.

Social network


Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some questions about MagicBee.

Is MagicBee safe?

Absolutely Safe! We don't ask for your password, we don't capture and store your cookies, we just use AI bots to do social tasks instead of you, all right under your nose.

Where can I use it?

We can only run in your computer's Chrome or Edge browser, as some of the features must be available through extensions, so you can't use MagicBee in your phone.

Can I use it for free?

Of course! It is currently Completely Free without any restrictions. But, for sustainability, a paid version is not excluded in the future.

What does credit do?

Give 1 like and you will get 1 credit, to get 1 like it will cost you 1 credit. Different interactions cost different credits.

Which social platforms do you support?

We currently support Twitter and Instagram and will support more popular social media in the future, such as: TikTok, YouTube etc.

Where can I contact you?

You can join our Telegram Group live chat or Follow Us on Twitter for the latest developments, and you can also contact us by Email.

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